A chemical engineering project currently in open source development, 4C-Adapt facilitates energy production and carbon dioxide sequestration research across multiple platforms. Partnering with public and private organizations to further improve upon current fuel synthesis, chemical engineering, manufacturing and mining practices, the 4C group recognizes that an average yearly increase of 2-3 parts per million in atmospheric carbon dioxide is untenable and must be reduced in the immediate future. Without a broad-based solution to the present trend and rate of increase, a rise to 500 ppm of atmospheric carbon dioxide over the next 30 years is a certainty. Operating under a non-profit model, 4C-Adapt is actively exploring technology with the potential to address these issues in a sustainable and economically viable manner.

Operating as a nonprofit organization, 4C-Adapt retains copies of all governing documents, financial statements, and a Conflict of Interest Policy – updated according to annual filing requirements. Although the documents themselves are not directly available for review on this website, requests for documents by a member of the public, federal agency, or private entity will be honored. Requests must be made by emailing admin@4c-adapt.org.