JD Hultine – President/Board Chair

unnamedJD Hultine’s chemical engineering endeavors focus on energy storage technology with the potential to meaningfully impact climate change. Working in this arena for over a decade, Dr. Hultine formed the non-profit group 4C-Adapt in 2014 for the express purpose of furthering climate change research. Dr. Hultine graduated from Kansas State University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1973. After 25 years in mostly large animal veterinary practice he accepted a role with Medsal, Ltd, a bio-medical company based in the United Kingdom and transitioned into peptide research involving anti-Staphylococcus aureus structural properties. In 2004, concerned with our changing climate, Dr. Hultine branched out once again into the chemical engineering sector, partnering with Robert Graupner, PhD (Physics), MS (Chemistry) and James Van Vechten, PhD (Physics) to develop a nitrogen-based fuel that might compete with carbon-based fuels as an energy source. As 4C-Adapt’s Chairman Dr. Hultine hopes to employ an open-source business model to proactively address climate change through industrial means. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Jackie and recently welcomed his first grandchild into the world.

Will Reese – Vice Chair

Will Reese is a psychological anthropologist and business leader who helps companies better serve their customers. His discoveries have shaped hundreds of new products, from household goods and handheld devices to surgical robots and retail spaces. Products he has helped bring to market have earned the Red Dot Design Award, the AIGI Design Award, and the IDSA Gold Medal. Dr. Reese currently runs ETHNO, a design research consulting practice. He joined 4C-Adapt’s Board of Directors in 2015.



Alexis Hultine – Board Member/Advisor

Deloitte Photo
Based in Portland, Oregon, Alexis Hultine currently oversees large-scale digital transformation projects. Part of the Deloitte group since 2006, Ms. Hultine also co-founded the online tutorial marketplace ExpertPlug. With a background in software technology, operational growth strategy, human capital management and user experience, her professional interests have long focused on fair trade and equitable sourcing in international marketplaces. Ms. Hultine holds an MBA from INSEAD and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic State University. She joined 4C-Adapt’s Board of Directors in 2015.


Paul Christensen – Treasurer

With nearly 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, Paul Christensen maintains a CFO role with Command Management Services/Edmund Elliot, a $50 million logistical services company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In this capacity Mr. Christensen oversees banking and financial regulatory practices for eight entities. Prior to stepping in as Chief Financial Officer he served as Vice President of Finance at CMS, developing cost sharing and cost recapture processes for a Lockhheed Martin program run in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration. Certified as a Public Accountant in 1994, Mr. Christensen is also a Certified Management Accountant and holds a B.S. in Accounting from Portland State University. He joined 4C-Adapt in 2015.


Suzanne Yost – Secretary 

Suzanne Yost is a retired educator and longtime Oregon resident who devoted 35-plus years to shaping young minds through language, arts, social studies, and mathematics instruction. Primarily teaching middle and high school-age students, Ms. Yost also provided supplemental scholastic instruction to children in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. She accepted this position in 1974 after graduating from Oregon State University with Bachelor’s in Education. Following a four-year tenure overseas, Ms. Yost returned to the United States and joined Malheur Educational Service District’s faculty. She moved on to work with Colton Public Schools and at Waluga Junior High in Lake Oswego, both in Oregon. In addition to a degree in Education, Ms. Yost has accumulated more than 105 post-graduate hours. She joined 4C-Adapt’s board in 2015.


Oryan Walsky – Executive Director


A project strategist and writer who builds business development stories, Oryan Walsky has worked with a wide range of clients including corporate leadership, financial institutions, nonprofits, global apparel brands, public figures, and makers. Ms. Walsky is native of Santa Fe, New Mexico and holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of San Francisco. She moved from editorial, film and commercial production to develop content for a Silicon Valley image management firm and subsequently branched out into PR / strategic brand building. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Ms. Walsky has long maintained an interest in sustainability and renewable energy. She helped launch 4C-Adapt in 2014.